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Draught Hash Brown

by Bill Farmer. Categories: Recipes .

Many years ago, in a hotel in Hollywood, we thought the breakfast was a bit overpriced. Someone suggested the Dunkin’ Donut across the road, so over we went. In there the guy was offering bacon, egg over easy, and hash brown for 99¢. I was intrigued with the hash brown, he just took a handful of grated potato from a plastic bag and chucked it on the griddle plate.


  • Grated potato
  • Vegetable cooking oil


  1. Put some cooking oil in a hot medium sized skillet
  2. Grate your potatoes and put them in the pan
  3. Cook until browned underneath and turn over
  4. Serve when browned on the reverse side

Goes extremely well with bacon and eggs and the trimmings. If consolidated into a potato cake becomes a Swiss rosti.

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