Bill Farmer

Random thoughts on random subjects


by Bill Farmer.

Oldland Mill Playing at Oldland Mill, near Ditchling.

I am retired, a morris musician and an itinerant developer. I was a chartered electrical engineer. Over the course of a long career working for the local electrick light company I developed various bits and pieces of software in so many different languages I can no longer remember them all. In rough order they are:

6800 assembler DEC Macro Fortran 6502 assembler Basic, various flavours
Forth 8051 assembler BCPL Lisp C
PL1 IBM JCL 68000 assembler Java Smallworld Magik
JavaScript haXe PHP Python C++

Lately I have written various Android apps and a WordPress plugin. I play music for the Thakeham Morris side, and also occasionally take part in local pub music sessions. Unlike just about every other local musician I know, I’m not in a ceilidh band. I hate ceilidhs.