Fairly simple android word game.

Gridle Help

  • Multiple coloured themes
  • Multiple languages
  • Look up word meaning

Guess those words

Move letters in the grid to make a gridle of words. It’s a good idea to use a soft tipped stylus to see what you are doing, as it’s difficult to see past stubby fingers.

Display colours

Letters which are in the word but in the wrong place will turn yellow. Remember this can be in both directions. If they are in the right place they will turn green. If they are not in the word they will turn grey. Keep trying until you have guessed all the the words. The colours may be changed by selecting Highlight colours in the menu.


Tap the Refresh button in the toolbar to clear the display and generate another gridle of words. Words are chosen at random from a list, and are checked that they haven’t been used recently.


Tap the Share button in the toolbar to share an image of the current display.



Solve a larger 7x7 grid of words. This may show an initial blank grid and rotating working symbol while the larger puzzle is created. Similarly, tapping the refresh button may not create a new puzzle immediately.

Add accents


Long press on a letter in the solved word grid. This will show a pop-up menu of unaccented and accented letters. Pick the required unaccented or accented letter.


Once you have solved the word grid, tap on a letter that uniquely identifies a word to display the meaning.


Select coloured themes from the Theme item in the menu.


Select Language from the menu.

Highlight colours


A dialog will pop up showing two guesses, one containing some letters in the word in the wrong place and a correct guess, and three spectrums. Change the colour of the letters in the wrong place by tapping on the top spectrum, and the correct letters with the middle spectrum. Change the shade of grey of the letters not in the word with the bottom spectrum. The Reset button will restore the default colours, The Cancel button changes nothing, and the OK button accepts the changes.


Use my Crossword or WordleSolver app to cheat.